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Smart Interactive Boards

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The Branded High Quality Interactive Whiteboards

Share your group’s efforts via Interactive whiteboards. This high quality digital display can enhance your learning experience. Find all major brands of interactive whiteboards available at JTF Business Systems.

Interactive whiteboards


Make Your Classroom Dynamic With Our Interactive Whiteboards

A whiteboard is a must-have for any kind of classroom or training room. It consists of a flat white surface and coloured pens for writing on it. Well, Interactive Whiteboards from JTF are an advanced version of the traditional ones. They are available in great variety.

Hi-tech version of the traditional counterparts

  • As we have already mentioned, these electronic boards have outstanding capabilities to help the teachers to train students effectively.
  • A traditional whiteboard just displays manually written information. Interactive whiteboards go beyond that.


Interactive whiteboards

Perfect blend of a PC and whiteboard

  • In simple words, it is a perfect combination of a PC and a traditional whiteboard.
  • It works like an LCD screen, transmits details like a mobile and stores information just like a computer.
  • Thus, it works in varying capacities, providing the teacher an electronic interactive platform to train.

Functions of Interactive Whiteboards

The various functions of Interactive Whiteboards offered by JTF are as follows:

  • It displays information similar to a traditional one.
  • The trainer can save relevant details as written or in pictorial form. For instance, if a teacher has given a short test of 10 questions on the whiteboard, he or she can save it directly for record purpose. There is no need to write, type and print it.
  • The trainer can send relevant details to the students. Thus, the students can concentrate in the classroom instead of just writing down notes.
  • The trainer can browse internet portals for information. It can also search data in computer files and records.
  • The trainer can also interact with other trainers or parents in the classroom.

Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

The benefits of these electronic whiteboards are self-explanatory.

  • There is an enhanced student participation in the classroom.
  • The trainer can perform all the activities with a finger touch without any hassle.

Thus, if you want to convert your traditional classroom into a dynamic one, then do browse our online portal for more details of Interactive Whiteboards. We have excellent customer service, free shipping policy and attractive discounts.

Smart Boards of Good Companies to Buy

Smart Boards

Smart Room Systems is an ideal interactive team meeting solution provided by Smart Boards. These are designed to let you conduct your business operations smartly by giving an unmatched level of interaction to the users. Shop it at a huge discounted price from JTF Business Systems.

Importance of Interactive Whiteboards Inside a Classroom

The Interactive whiteboard is a device that is utilized for giving guidelines. It is an instrument that lets PC pictures to show onto a board with the assistance of a computerized projector. It is simple for the teacher to characterize the components on the board effortlessly with the assistance of finger as a mouse. It is easy to drag, click and copy the things on this board. The teacher can give the manually written notes on the boards and later notes can likewise be spared as content.

The Interactive whiteboard is a great tool to use in a classroom. It adds interactivity and collaboration, permitting the instructor to play video lectures and support the collaborative learning. It is a creative way to deal with expansion the understanding and learning opportunities for the students.

Interactive Whiteboards

These types of boards are currently introduced in the schools of the UK. Basically, they were produced for the business utilization of presentations and demonstrations. It is an adaptable instrument that can be utilized as a part of both schools and universities.

JTF Business Systems offers a variety of Interactive Whiteboards through its online store. Where you can know more about this technology and choose the best option for you. This is the best alternative for higher learning and cost sparing too. These sheets are advanced and best alternative for learning the entire classroom.