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Folding Machines


Paper folding machines are one of the most valuable time- & money-saving office tools. These machines cut back on tedious employee tasks, prevent paper cuts and increase accuracy. Contact us for more details.


The Best Folding Machines Ever to Buy

Paper Folders or Folding Machines are used in schools, churches and medium to large businesses. Folding Machines are important and  come in different sizes and prices  JTF for a lot less.

Find the best folding machines at your price from JTF Business Systems. Call 800-444-3299 or you can also  Email at for the best deals.

Folding Machines


Formax Paper Folding Machines

Folding machines from Formax are highly reliable, cost-effective and and a great solution for any office needs. These high performance paper folders delivers a new dimension to your workflow processes. The user can do work with an ease and can get fast delivery folds in minimal time for an all-time high productivity.folding machines, paper folders