Desktop Copiers : Heavy-duty Multi Functional Machines

Desktop copiers are multi functional machines which are ideal for use in offices or homes. They have inbuilt fax, scanner and photocopier functions which enable you to de-clutter your desk and use a single machine for all three functions.

Desktop Copiers

Canon as a company needs no Introduction as they are pioneers in the industry. While they do have ample competition, the quality of Canon machines is a class apart. Owing to its superior technology and better service, Canon copiers have a fairly great market share.

When it comes to Canon desktop copiers, there brand is known as Imagerunner. These are sturdily built machines, designed to meet office requirements easily. They are fast and super efficient, making copying and scanning tasks almost enviable. If your office has a high workload, you can network your workstations to manage workload and make job processing less cumbersome. These canon desktop copiers are Eco friendly in nature. Made from environment-friendly features, despite high speed performance, these machines are enabled to reduce wastage contributing to a greener environment.


There are many models available to suit your specific needs. While some print in only black and white, reducing cartridge wastage, others use colors, making your printouts vibrant and colorful. Ideal for homes and offices, these copiers are enabled with user friendly features like 500 sheet cassette and 50 sheet automatic document feeder. These copiers can print up to 37 pages per minute making it highly efficient and makes job processing easier. These also come in a variety of paper sizes like A3 and A4 paper. A few of these also have a detailed touch panel for better handling.

Canon is amongst the best when it comes to copier machines and printers. Given all these features, spotting a canon store is very common. It is easily available and that is another factor which contributes to its popularity.


A Note on Desktop Copiers

The Desktop Copiers are also named as the Multi-Function Copiers. They are widely seen in two major classifications- Monochrome and Color Copiers. Each has their own variety of features such as the low production of noise, better reproduction of fine lines and photographs, and have very few moving parts. The benefit of having less moving parts is the most vital feature. Since because of this, it comes with less mechanical problems.  The main jobs performed are Printing, Scanning, Copying and few ones, comes with the option of Fax transactions also. They are very convenient in use, by even the minimum trained operator.


The speed of both types of Desktop copiers varies from 15 ppm to more than 70 ppm. Regardless of the type of the Copier, the pages per minute depend upon its specification and the capacity of storing the pages as per its manufacture. Using the most advanced imaging technology, the production level performance and the quality in each model are manufactured according to the needs and specs. Some have standard input capacity of 1200 pages and this may vary depending on the model and also the manufacturer.

Most of the printers print one page in around 7 seconds. Most of the Copiers have the standard memory ranging from 1 GB, if its capacity is at the lower end. And work with the Quad core processor. They also have the option of having the touch screen along with it to make the job easier and also precise. The color laser printer inbuilt, have the print controller to handle the complex color jobs with high resolution photos and graphics spanning many images.

The Desktop Copiers having complicated specifications can do the same job with high performance and upgraded quality. Such ones may do Copying, Printing, Scanning and Fax, with 1 GB RAM and more than 128 GB hard disk drive. It comes with a high yield, 25000 page AIO print cartridges. These types of commercial Copiers allow the user to access exceptional multifunction performance to strive a wide range of projects maintaining the cost per page eminently low. It features the flexible paper handling with about 2300 sheet paper input capacity, and the output capacity up to 600 sheets. It also has the ARDF input from a minimum of 50 sheets.

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